Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Cost of Professional Bridal Beauty

You know those days when you get yourself ready for work or a date and your mirror tells you how cute you look, then you decide to take a pic and it’s just not coming out “cute”? 

You look at the mirror again, “Yes I definitely look great” attempt another picture, Camera says not today lady! Then you give up and move on with your day.

Have you ever thought of those moments in relation to your Wedding Day? It might sound silly I know, but humour me for a moment. 

Wedding Day= THE Biggest Day of the rest of your life. Those images will be your treasure and gateway to the memories of the happiest day of your life.

What you don’t want, is a feeling of dread when you see that you may not have looked the best you possible could have, because your aunt decided to do your makeup for you to save some bucks.

Yes every wedding comes with a budget, and by no means am I suggesting that you break your bank. I also say this as a young, somewhat newly wed, your new life shouldn’t begin with debt.

Every wedding vendor believes that they are the most important element of a wedding, and they sure are! However I have the privilege to say that my services as a Bridal Makeup Artist goes directly to the star of the show; The Bride.

These days there are many diluted ways to having makeup done, from watching “you tube gurus” in their bedrooms to sneaking in at a counter for a “three colour stripe on the eye with liner”

But is that really what you want for your wedding day?

Why hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding day is the million dollar question, which some also believes comes with a million dollar price tag.

Sure it may be a bit more expensive than “the girl at your hairdressers” but there is a reason why.

A professional makeup artist works directly in the industry, we work on many fashion and beauty editorials, fashion week tent shows, film and television productions and the list could go on.

We are also the people that your favorite celebrities hire to do their red carpet makeup looks, which chances are you are looking at as wedding day makeup ideas.

Our expertise, training and skill ensures that models, actors and yes, our brides are camera perfect.

We are trained to know how to deal with every skin tone, type, features, shape for every environment, humid, hot, cold etc.

If you are going to compare the services of a Pro Artist to anything but another Pro Artist, then yes the comparison might seem exorbitant.

The questions of our rates do not come down to “does it include lashes” or my personal favourite “ how much without lashes” but a little more like this:

- Our services are an on site, on location luxury, once booked for your wedding day we will be there for you on the day, your last relaxation and pampering before the aisle

-Access to our skill, expertise and training. i.e makeup tailored to look flawless in person, flawless for professional photography and flawless for film ( video) all wrapped up in a long lasting application. 

-Unlimited contact/email access to us to discuss our details leading up to your wedding day, which takes up time, usually in-between takes on set or at 3am when the rest of the world is sleeping.

-Access to our massive kits stocked with professional and luxury brands

-Booking us for a full day for your wedding day. Which more than likely we have to turn down other bookings to provide you our full undivided attention. i.e say no to a paying job because our brides mean everything to us

Another big misconception is the " I don't want a lot of makeup so it should cost less" issue.

As a Makeup Artist, I can assure you with a 1000% Guarantee, Natural Beauty makeup is the hardest makeup to do and do well and also takes the most product at times. 

So bury the notion that it should cost less and instead do research a find a Pro to suit your style. 

There is an Artist out there for everyones taste, as sure as there's a perfect shade of red lipstick for every woman.

My final advice to you, future brides, is to set aside a budget for your wedding day beauty, book a legitimate Pro Makeup Artists in your area that offer bridal services.

You've planned every detail, flower and moment of your wedding day to be perfect, don't settle for anything less for YOUR wedding day beauty.

Always remember, You get what you pay for!

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Saj Mack of Brides by Saj is a Professional Makeup Artist in Atlanta Georgia providing Bridal Makeup and Hair services for Weddings and Special Occasions. Saj is available for clients and Brides worldwide.