Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Wedding Makeup

I thought I would share my very own Wedding Day face with you guys!

My wedding makeup look

My wedding was in August and I was going for a very glamorous vintage feel for both makeup and hair.

Who else could I trust to do this but me. I have to say though... I did somewhat miss having someone there to help calm nerves and add that extra touch of pampering. 

Onto the makeup! While I wanted glam, it still needed to be natural to an extent to keep my look fresh, here is the feature listing:

Eyes: Bronze Smokey Eye keeping it really dramatic and soft at the same time, I have naturally long lashes but I still added a few to the outer corners for added flare.

Face: My usual liquid foundation and powder and bronzer..... lots of bronzer.... I was very sick the entire two weeks before the wedding with the worst flu and I had a really pale sallow complexion by the day of the wedding, so I used bronzer to give me back a healthy glow.
( couldn't help the coughing tho :( )

Cheeks: I used a peachy blush keeping it soft 

Lips: A deep red to match my manicure and shoe soles, I also did my bouquet this colour 

Hair: I had my extensions done 3 days before to give my face time to settle, this was a sew in so at times theres a tight face lift until things loosen up. (My custom Bridal Extensions are Clip In's) The night before I set little curls to create the waves with a Veronica Lake inspiration, I did the half over face bang but didn't like the overall look so I kept the side waves to the side as you see in the pic

And that's about it! Lasted through the entire event!

Loved it!.....and Hubby did too 

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